Small Business Video

In-House Marketing and Company Video's

Whether your small business requires a full-length video produced from scratch, or from your on-hand raw video footage, we can create a high-quality video with narration for online marketing, staff training, or to demonstrate a new product, service, or location. We can help develop affordable  video's for any purpose.

Athlete Sports Reels

Sports Video's and Scouting Reels

If you're a local sports club, sports team, team coach, personal  trainer, athlete, or the parent of a youth athlete looking to get the attention of a college recruiter, or pro sports team, we can create a professional, high-quality, affordable sports content video, training tape, or college reel for your high-school athlete.

Non-Profit Video

Fundraiser, Non-Profit and Other Videos
Are you a school, non-profit, or other entity in need of a promotional video? Maybe you have a live event coming soon, and want to have it recorded and edited into a video for members? Our studio can record, edit and deliver a fully produce video, or work with supplied video content, creating a video for you within budget.

Anthony Reece Productions specializes in the creation of Unique Character and Storyline Radio Productions, Small Business Podcasts, Video content for Websites, Facebook and YouTube, and Marketing DVD's.

Our audio studio and video production studio can deliver audio, sound, voice overs and multimedia content for your small business, organization, non-profit, sports team, school, or website at rates that will not break the bank.

Video Production Myth's & Facts

Most small business owners think having professional video's produced for business presentations, product demos, teaching staff and even for the family considering creating a scholarship, or scouting video for their student athlete is too expensive. This is just not so today. Unlike in years past, when video equipment was very costly, and video producers had to purchase costly video tape and digital rendering hardware, video studios had to recover those costs in client jobs. Thanks to fast high-speed computer's, cheap software, and high-end digital camera's, the real cost today, is the time and labor to produce a great video.

Anthony Reece Productions offers both original video production, or video production editing your on-hand video content on VHS, CD, DVD, or using your supplied digital ready video footage. We can record digital footage at your live event, staff meeting, sports game, or school. We can offer a quote for the video recording alone, and/or a rate to edit and produce the final video. Whether you require a series of short 2 - 3 minute video clips, a fully produced presentation, or a sports scouting video for your youth athlete, we can deliiver a web based, or DVD formated video within a budget that will not break the bank so to say. Ask for a video production quote today.